Friends of Kiwanis;
It is not the news we wanted to share but it is what we need to share, the 4th Annual Kiwanis Golf Tournament of September 19th at North Granite Ridge has been cancelled for this year. 
There are certainly disappointed people, however the economic climate made it challenging for us and out of respect for our regular sponsors and golfers we were sensitive to their issues with staffing and simply trying to stay afloat, even though some would have made the effort to help, the numbers were not going to make it a meaningful tournament for the course as well as our golfers. We'll be back next year and trust that the economic climate will be in a better place as well. As for this event, those who have actually made payments, your funds will be returned, with our thanks.

Tentatively save the date of Monday, September 18, 2023 for the return of Kiwanis to beautiful North Granite Ridge G.C.